Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Where Have All The Years Gone!

First of all, apologies for not posting for a while and for not having any up to date pics this time! I've been a bit busy this last week or so with various things and haven't had much time for any beadwork. Although, I have managed to make a few necklaces over the last few days in preparation for my next sale in 2 weeks time.

The sale will be a two day event at the gym I attend. It's a fabulous place and I always do really well at my sales. They are having an Open Week in a couple of weeks time, which means they invite lots of different people in to promote and sell their wares - it's always a very busy week. The gym is ladies only and is called Gymophobics I love going and because the circuit is only 30mins long it doesn't take too much time out of the day. I've made lots of new friends and have met up with some old school friends too.

Talking of old school friends, one of the reasons I've been so busy lately is, I, along with two of my friends, are arranging a school reunion which is taking place at the end of this month. It's 30 years since we all left secondary school!!!! Where have all the years gone. It's been hard work, but also very rewarding. We've managed to get in touch with quite a few people and have spoken to people we haven't seen or heard from since we all went our separate ways 30 years ago. I've even been to see one of our old teachers!! He is now the Deputy Head at our old school, which incidentally is the same school that my eldest son attends. We had a great chat and did a fair bit of reminiscing about teachers and pupils. Hopefully, he and some of the other teachers will be able to come along to the reunion too. I'm really looking forward to the night and finding out how people have fared, but I will also breathe a great sigh of relief too. I will let you know how it goes.

Last Friday I went out for a drive and a spot of lunch with my dear friend Sally and her new baby, Carter. I kept the destination a surprise and I am pleased to say it was a great hit. I took her out into Derbyshire to have a look at Studio 61. I have some of my jewellery on sale in the Craft Shop and Gallery (see pics below), and I used the opportunity to check on my stock and have a chat with the owner. Karina, the owner, has just undertaken a big refurb, due to a burst water pipe. I really like the new set up and Karina is very enthusiastic about it. The studio is now linked with the tea rooms and restaurant and is really well set out. Sally and I had a lovely lunch in the restaurant and were made to feel very welcome. If you're out and about in Derbyshire, please stop buy and take a look. You can also buy delicious home made Jersey ice-cream from the parlour!

Hopefully, I will have some new work to show you next week!


Kerrie said...

Good luck with the reunion Alison - I know you've worked really hard organising this.

Fab photos too - even if they are not new pieces they all look stunning in those shots!

Kerrie x

Nia said...

Sounds like you have plenty going on there at the moment! The reunion will be great fun I'm sure, and I seem to recall that your last selling event at the gym was a huge success, so life looks great for you, well done! And I don't care that the pics aren't new, the jewellery is so gorgeous it's always welcome on my screen!