Thursday, 8 May 2008

Banana's, Biking & Bluebells!!

Yes, I am still here!! I have already been ticked off for my lack of posting recently, but I have been sooooo busy, honest!

As you will know from my previous posts I was busy, along with my two partners in crime, Ash and Tracey, preparing for our 30 year school reunion. I am pleased to say it was a resounding success. Almost everyone that said they would attend, did and a few extras turned up on the night too. We think there was approx 50 people in the end. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and voted for another get together, but perhaps we shouldn't wait another 30 years next time. I have set up another blog where I've uploaded lots of photo's from the evening and if you would like to see how we've all faired over the years go take a peek here.

The other event I was preparing for was my two day stint at my local gym. I was there as part of their Open Week and there was all manner of things happening, make up demonstrations, The Body Shop, Virgin Vie, lots of competitions, raffles, guess the weight of the cake etc. I don't know yet how much they raised overall, but I should imagine it was quite a good amount, which will all go to MacMillan Care. My little stall did really well, so well that I have lots of stock to make up before my next event. Unfortunately, because I was so busy with one thing and another I didn't get the chance to take any photographs of my new pieces and now it's too late, cos most of them sold!!! But I have included a photo of my latest foxglove pendant taken from my good friend Kerrie Slade's project in Bead and Button. I love the colours in the beads and I always receive some great comments when wearing it.

I hope everyone had a nice May Bank Holiday weekend. The weather here in Nottingham was a bit up and down. Hubby and the boys went to Donnington on Sunday to watch the touring cars, whilst I drove into Derbyshire to visit a few craft fairs and galleries. Although, it was rainy and a bit miserable I really enjoyed myself (the lads got a bit wet though!). I stopped by one craft fair and had a lovely long chat with Anne from Chloe's Designs and treated myself to one of her gorgeous dichroic glass bangles.

That brings us to the present and today I have done two things that I haven't done for quite a while! The first was baking. I used to do lots of baking, but the problem with that is - you eat the products, usually far too quickly!! What prompted me to do some today was I bought some yummy Jumbo Rolled Oats from Rowsley Mill on Sunday, whilst on my travels and I knew they would be ideal for some flapjack!!! I added a few handfuls of dried cranberries and they're delicious. My youngest son even likes them and he doesn't normally like any type of dried fruit in his food!! I knew that the flapjack would last long enough so I also baked a dozen Banana Muffins! Hopefully this batch will last at least till the weekend!!

The other thing I haven't done for a while is to get out on my bicycle!! This afternoon I decided to go for a short bike ride to see if I could capture some pictures of the beautiful bluebells that are adorning our woodlands at the moment. I spent a lovely, if not a bit hot, hour and a half cycling and walking through two nearby villages. I hope you like my woodland pictures featured below.

Till next time.....I'm off for a piece of flapjack!!!


Nia said...

What lovely pictures! Such a pity that the bluebell season is so short though, blink and you've missed them. (Bit like the yummy flapjacks I suppose!). Really glad both the reunion and sale went well, and next time, take pics as soon as you've made something new! Love the bracelet, it reminds me of my dichroic glass watch which I treated myself to last summer, made by glass artist Barbara Ennis. Isn't it wonderful to be able to buy from such talented people?

Kerrie said...

A blog worth waiting for Alison ;-)

As you know, I'm really impressed with your 'fantasy foxglove' and I can't wait to put a picture of it in my new gallery - when I get round to setting it up that is!

Lovely bluebell pics too - glad you managed to get out and about and enjoy them, they seem extra good this year.

Cor that baking looks good, I could just reach out and snatch one and I know from experience just how good your banana muffins taste!

Kerrie x

Alison said...

Thanks, Nia and Kerrie! The baking is going down well lol. The bluebells are lovely aren't they, glad I made the effort and got out on my bike before they disappeared.

Beverley Abbott said...

OMG you are soo right - I have barely taken my goddies out of the oven and low and behold they are consumed - and mostly i am so ashamed to say by ME!! I must must must have the recipe for the banana muffin if you dont mind - pretty please!
I am so glad also that the open week went well ( your pendant is fantastic) and you sold loads for macmillan care - its such a brill cause. OOh and please do let me have some more info on the royal signals to tell our ben!!

love bev xxx

Maz Simpson said...

Thanks Alison.. for remembering about the magazine project, too! I have my copies already, it's all very

Love your bluebell pics! I have the tiniest little clump in my garden next to some peonies - now you really do have to be quick to catch those!!

Mmm... banana muffins... I think maybe your next post should be the recipe ;)

Maz :)