Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Return of the Blog!!

I'm baaaaaaaaaack!

It's been a while and I apologise for being AWOL over the last month and a bit. Life has a habit of getting in the way! I won't bore you with the details, but just get on with the task in hand and get back to blogging.

The school holidays are in full swing, did you notice I didn't say 'summer' holidays as there's not been much good weather to write about. The boys aren't tooooo bored yet and we still have our little holiday to look forward to in the next few weeks, we're off to Devon for a few days for a spot of camping! Hope the weather improves a bit.

One of the reasons I've been spurred back into blogging is to tell you about a very worthwhile project my good friend Kerrie has been working on. Kerrie is an exceptional bead artist and she has designed the following ribbon pins which are going to be used to raise funds for various charities.

The pattern for the pins is to be published on the Beading Daily website next week and I, for one, can't wait to receive my copy and start making the pins and raising monies for various cancer charities. You can read all about Kerrie's story and the reason behind the design on her blog here. I wish Kerrie the luck she deserves with this very special project and I hope it raises lots and lots of money. Please spread the word and support it as much as you can.

Whilst we are on the subject of fund raising, I took part in the Race for Life last week! I wasn't going to take part this year (have done it twice before) because I've had a few problems with my back, but my good friend Ashlie said she really wanted to do it and would I join her. I agreed as long as we wouldn't be running. We decided to join the event at Holme Pierrepont here in Nottingham. Holme Pierrepont is the home of the National Water Sports Centre and the course for the Race for Life is once around the lake. The day was very emotional and very very hot, the hottest day of the year so far!!! We decided to power walk and managed to finish in 45 mins, not bad considering the conditions. Below is a photograph of Ashlie and I before the race, already looking rather hot and flustered.

There's not much to report on the jewellery front I'm afraid, this time of year is always quiet with people on holiday etc. but I do have a couple of pictures to show you of work that I hope is going to evolve into something a little more - watch this space!! The first is a fibula brooch that I made using a gorgeous focal bead from Claire of Clasicat Designs. Claire has just started making her own lampwork beads and offered her first attempts to members of the uk-beaders forum free of charge as long as we posted what we'd made with them. I think Claire is going to go far with her bead making! The second fibula is a copper one using another gorgeous bead, this time from my mate Caroline of Crafted Gems

Lastly, I would like to mention someone special. My Grandma, affectionately known to me as Granny Franny, was 98 on Monday! Hubby and I went to see her and I made her a scrummy chocolate cake (we didn't get a piece, though). I know she is getting tired and who would blame her, but she still has all her wits about her, she may be a little slower in talking and can't see too well, and she reckons she's deaf, but I think it's more a case of 'selective' hearing. I think I get alot of my creative side from my Grandma. When she worked she was a tailoress in a very prestigious shop in our town and she was never without some knitting or a needle and thread. At one time she was very well known for making peg bags, aprons etc which were all made and sold for charity. I know she misses being able to knit and sew, but I think she was quite pleased to hear that I've recently picked up my knitting needles again and have made a few items for friends who've just had babies. Here's to you Granny Franny, thank you for all the inspiration you've given me and for passing on your creative gene and I hope you enjoyed the cake xxx