Thursday, 3 April 2008

Flower Day!

Today has been a bit of a flower day! I decided late this morning that I would like to attempt to make a foxglove pendant, courtesy of my dear and very talented friend Kerrie and her fabulous project which is featured on the front cover of the latest Bead & Button magazine. It was a pleasure to make, but I was a little apprehensive about the colours I wanted to use, I was afraid Kerrie wouldn't like how I had interpretted it. I needn't have worried! I still haven't decided what to suspend it from yet, so apologies for the rather naff photo, I just couldn't wait.

The following pictures are all from our garden. Spring finally seems to be getting here, mind you they have forecast snow for the weekend - again. The first picture is of a flower that is tucked away at the top of our garden and is easily missed. It only flowers for a short period of time and only has a few flowers each time. Thankfully, I spotted it today and was finally able to get a picture. It's called a pulsatilla or Pasque flower and is an alpine.

The next two pics are our Pieris bush, it's absolutely laden with lily of the valley like flowers and looks lovely. Whilst taking the first picture I noticed the ladybird, the first one I've seen this year.

The next is a plant that starts out small and over the weeks gets really big and covers quite a big area and I can't for the life of me remember what it's called - any ideas?

And last, by no means least, the first and only tulip we have in the garden at the moment. Isn't it a lovely vibrant yellow!


Kerrie said...

He he - you're getting to be quite the nature photographer Alison - love those flowery pics! And I also LOVE your foxglove, such a gorgeous rich colour. Thanks for having a go - I look forward to seeing what you decide to hang it from ;-)

Gracias mi amigo beady!

Gemheaven said...

Wow that foxglove is so clever :)

Alison said...

Thanks, Kerrie, glad you liked it.

Jo, all down to Kerrie's excellent project, I just followed the instructions!

Coburg Crafts said...

Lovely foxglove, Alison - and fab photos. What would we do without digital cameras?

Ali P said...

hi Alison,

Your flower pics have given me new inspiration to venture out into our garden again -it's in some serious need of management, we've been in our house for three years and I've only got as far as a few pots. I might wait for the snow predicted for tomorrow to come and go first though...

Izzy said...

Fab foxglove! Is your mystery plant a pulmonaria?

Kiamyka said...

Hi Alison
Just a note to say it was great to finally meet you (and the foxglove)in the flesh on Sunday. The garden pictures are lovely keep 'em coming
x Chris

Mary said...

What great photos Alison! I love the beaded flowers too.

I've taken up the needle and tiny bead recently. My eyes hurt sooo much!

Alison said...

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments.

Izzy - thanks to Kerrie we've identified the mystery plant, it's common name is 'Elephant Ears' mmm lovely name!

Ali - hope the snow has cleared from your garden to enable you to get out there!

Mary - Let's see your seed beady creations!

Chris - was great meeting you too, it was a lovely day, until the end!!