Sunday, 30 March 2008

Easter Holidays!

Well, the Easter holidays are almost over, it's back to school for my two tomorrow and back to some serious jewellery making for me too. I've hardly done a thing, jewellery wise, for two weeks!!

So, what did we get up to over the break - we took the boys to Prague! We flew out on Easter Sunday and came back the following Wednesday evening. We had a nice time, but we noticed that the prices had increased since our last visit a few years ago. It was also very cold, so cold I had to buy myself a hat! We didn't get the snow that was predicted, but we did have a few snow flurries, one quite prolonged one that we got caught in, for a time we all looked like walking snowmen.

We did all the usual sights and even ventured out to the suburbs to see where the tram would take us to - the terminus at the end of the line!! We also took a trip to the TV tower which is situated on a hill outside the centre of Prague. It's not common knowledge that you can actually pay a small admission fee and travel up the tower to the observation deck. Once up there you can get some spectacular views of the city and surrounding area. It was well worth the tram ride and the short walk up the hill.

This picture is looking out towards the TV tower in the distance.

This is a picture from the base of the tower, the observation deck is the second one down, the one below is a restaurant. Can you see the babies crawling up and down the tower - a bit weird!

One of the many spectacular views from the top of the tower.

There were lots of Easter celebrations taking place and there were Easter markets in Wenceslas Sq and the Old Town Square selling lots of painted eggs and lovely food!! They also have a tradition that on Easter Monday the menfolk go round with a long twig (made from willow, I think) adorned on the end with ribbons. They take these twigs and 'whip' the legs of the women whilst reciting a 'blessing' for the women to have beauty, goodwill etc for the coming year. They only stop 'whipping' when they are presented with a painted egg, sweets, money etc! I was 'whipped' (lightly tapped) by two young boys who got on the tram with their father, unfortunately I couldn't present them with anything as it was our first morning there and I had no change to give them. Think they did quite well though, excellent ploy getting on a tram - no escape.

And, yes I did buy some beads!! Not many though, only 7 strands from the stall in the market, their prices have risen a bit too!

Before I go I must tell you of a place hubby and I went to last night. We were invited to a party for our friends 40th birthday and the venue was a bar! This wasn't any ordinary bar though - it was a garden bar and was at the bottom of someone's garden!! It was amazing. There was a proper bar (no money changing hands of course, all bought in before hand!) a snug area, complete with fire effect heater and comfy chairs. There wasn't a spare space on the walls, ceiling etc they were completely covered by bric a brac and souveniers etc. There was an Egyptian themed area too, complete with sand on the floor, which doubled up as a small dance area. My friend hadn't given us any indication about it, other than we'd be just looking round for the first half hour - well I was seeing something different everytime I looked around. It was a great party in spectacular surroundings.

Btw - I won the Easter Bonnet competition at our WI Meeting! I received a lovely hyacinth in a pot which is sat on my kitchen window sill and smells beautiful.


Mary said...

Hello stranger! What are you doing looking for snow in foreign lands when you could have had nice local home grown stuff! I'm glad you've had a good time. I love the wreath in the first photo.

Alison said...

Thanks, Mary! Ahh but you don't get views like that from Nottm Castle lol. Isn't that wreath beautiful, it was hung on a door of a shop in Golden Lane up at the castle - their version of The Shambles! We must meet up soon!

Kerrie said...

Wonderful pictures Alison - and Saturday night sounded great fun!

Kerrie x