Friday, 7 March 2008

Spring Has Sprung!

Well, it's getting there. It's been a lovely spring like day today, still a bit cold when out of the sun, but Spring is definately beginning to peek her head around the door as can be seen from the pics I'm posting today. I took these earlier on today, they are about the only things with any colour in the garden at the moment. It was a lovely surprise the other day when I spotted the first of the daffodils dancing in the breeze on the drive next to the house. The crocuses have been out a couple of weeks now and are still going strong. The grape hyacinths are popping up all over the place too. I planted lots of bulbs a few years ago and just forgot about them and where I'd planted them, so every year it's a nice surprise to see them.

I've not had much time for jewellery making this last week for one reason or another, but I have been in the preparation stages, which included a visit to the Bead Shop in Nottingham yesterday. Unfortunately, they didn't have one of the essential items I needed to enable me to complete the commission I got earlier in the week, but I still managed to spend quite a bit on other 'essentials'. Regarding the other items, fellow blogger and beady pal, Kerrie, came to the rescue (thanks matey!) and I popped up to see her this afternoon and enjoyed a coffee and a chat whilst collecting my beady essentials. On the way back I stopped off to take the following pics of the view from the highest point in Nottinghamshire (well so it states on a nearby house!). I love this view, but you only normally get a glimpse of it as you're driving down the road. You can see straight down the valley all the way to the city of Nottingham in the distance!

I will try and get some jewellery made and posted over the weekend, but can't promise anything because hubby is away on cub camp all weekend which leaves me with the boys and all the washing, drying, ironing etc - say no more!!!


Kerrie said...

Lovely, lovely pics. Alison - you know how I love my flowers ;-)

Glad to be of service regarding the beadies, well I suppose I do have enough beads to open a shop lol!

Looking forward to seeing the finished choker!


Coburg Crafts said...

Lovely photos, Alison. I love grape hyacinths - had them in my wedding bouquet.
Looking forward to the jewellery pics.

Miss Moon said...

Great photos Alison - wow what a view! No daffs for us this year (I live in Wales so I should be thoroughly ashamed!) it looks like they've come up blind again :(

Liz x

Gemheaven said...

Ours are blind too LIz :(

Lovely pics I have a feeling though we heading for a storm later - or so the news says. Batten down the hatches (and shelter the daffs!)