Monday, 26 October 2009

Busy Days!

Well, it's become quite apparent that I couldn't keep up with the one a day posts. I totally underestimated how busy I'd be over the last week. I'm not going to beat myself up about it though and I'm just going to accept what will be will be and I'll post as and when I have the time. I hope you'll stick around and see what happens.

So, what have I been up to over the past week. I was busy getting ready for a jewellery party, which was a great success and a great boost to my morale after things being a bit quiet over the last couple of months. I've included a few pics of some new necklaces I made in preparation.

I also did a demo at my WI group last week as part of a Three Corners Evening. This is when there are several demos happening at the same time and groups of people move from one to the other in turn, so they get a little taster of what is being demonstrated. The other demo's on the evening were Card Making and Calligraphy. I decided to concentrate on giving a demo about chainmaille and I think it went down well, I even sold a few items. At every meeting we also have a small competition (see the Easter Bonnet from last year), last weeks competition was to make a necklace from food stuffs found in the kitchen. I submitted an entry of course, but unfortunately didn't win, that honour went to Ashlie this time. You can still see a picture of my entry below. The necklace is made from Honey Cheerios with 3 Tetley Tea Bag Pendants!!!

Still on the jewellery front, last week saw me installing a display cabinet in a local cafe. The cafe is called Humbles and is situated in the John Godber Centre (Church Hall) in Hucknall. The owner approached me a couple of weeks ago to see if I could do some workshops and promote some of my jewellery. Of course I said yes and after much preparation the cabinet was ready last Friday, I even sold an item and got an order before I'd finished setting it up!!

As if all that wasn't enough.....I've been busy making poppies!!! If you remember this time last year I made a couple of crochet poppies, one for my dear Grandma, who sadly died on 23rd August, one for my Mum and one for myself. Lots of people asked if they could have one, so I decided that I would make them this year in time for Remembrance Day and sell them to raise funds for the Poppy Appeal. I have been overwhelmed with the response and have been busy making as many as possible, with some help from my good friend, Ashlie. I will report back later how much money we have raised, but would just like to say a big thank you to everyone who has kindly bought one, or several, already.

To end the week, I went to the Bead Fair at Harrogate on Sunday. I was lucky to be offered a lift from my dear friend Kerrie and her husband, Simon. We spent a lovely day ooooohing and aaahhhing at all the beautiful beads and gemstones, and met up with our lovely friend, Mary. I was quite well behaved and went with a list, but I did splash out on some beautiful tiny Black Spinel, commonly known as Black Diamonds, which you will undoubtedly see more of at a later date. Kerrie and I wore our poppies and I was thrilled to receive some lovely comments and to get an order from Pat at Spellbound Beads, for 9 poppies, she wanted to buy one for all the lovely ladies that work in the shop!! Thank you Pat, and I hope to get a photo of you all wearing them to put on my blog at a later date.

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Mary said...

It was great seeing you and Kerrie Alison, all the more because it was unexpected! Now why didn't I spot the black spinel? I saw the rubies though and I would have missed those too, had you not mentioned them. I swear I get so dazzled when I go to Harrogate that I miss half the things that are there!

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