Thursday, 6 November 2008

Christmas Extravaganza & a bit more!

Apologies for the absence, but it's coming up to the silly season again! I've had a few sales recently and last week I was lucky enough to get a last minute table at an event happening this Saturday, so it's busy, busy. If any of you are in the Nottingham area on Saturday (you never know!) please come and say hello!

I've not even had a chance to take any pictures of my new pieces, what with the dismal weather we've been having the last couple of days. I think we need some colour to cheer ourselves up, so here's a couple of autumnal pictures of our garden, which I took a few weeks ago . I love autumn it's my favourite season, must have something to do with being an October baby!

Our gorgeous Acer Tree

Passion Flower Vine (it's still got flowers on it now!)

Passion Fruit (unfortunately not edible)

but they are to the birds!

Chinese Lanterns - so delicate!

I couldn't let you go without seeing some jewellery pieces, now could I? Below are a few pieces I made the other week. The first was an order and is waiting to go to it's new home. The others are pieces that are now residing at the gallery in Derbyshire.

Nephrite & Pearl Necklace

Chain Maille featuring a gorgeous bracelet bead by Caroline of Crafted Gems

Copper Chain Maille with Cherry Quartz Rondelles

I've managed to fit in a few evenings of knitting too, but can't show you the complete items, because they're going in the Christmas pressie stash and some people may be looking!!!!

When I first logged in tonight I was just going to post a quick notice as to why I've been absent, but it's turned out to be quite an update!


Coburg Crafts said...

Lovely photos. Loving the copper chainmaille... and the nephrite (of course!).

Much love,


Kiamyka said...

Good luck on Saturday Alison and thanks for the lovely pictures. I was in Nottingham last week to see Wishbone Ash and thought about the mafia. xx Chris

Kerrie Slade said...

Lovely photos as usual Alison :0)

Good luck for tomorrow! I am sure you will do well - if we had a car we'd come and see you lol!

Kerrie x

Mary said...

I hope you're doing well today Alison!

I'm all for a Christmas mafia get together. We all need some cheering up I think!