Monday, 29 September 2008

Preparation - An Event!

My mojo seemed to go on holiday about the time the boys broke up for their school hols, not sure where it's been, hopefully it had better weather than we did! Thankfully, it's now back and just in time too.

This weekend I'm one of the featured designers who will be attending a Jewellery Festival at Studio 61 in Lea, nr Matlock, Derbyshire. The event will be on Saturday and Sunday, and I will be there on Sunday, along with my good friend Kerrie We will be demonstrating how we make our jewellery pieces and there will be lots of examples to see and buy if you so wish. If you're venturing into the Derbyshire Dales over the weekend please stop by and say hello.

In preparation, I've been beavering away and making some new chainmaille pieces and amazingly I have finally got some pictures of jewellery to show you - wonders will never cease!

2 in 1 Chain - Bead by Caroline of Crafted Gems

Copper & Sterling Silver Daisy Pendant

Wisteria Set (I've also made one in black)

Weave - Rhino Snorting Drano (seriously!) and Beautiful Bead by Caroline

Jasper Byzantine

My jewellery mojo may have disappeared for a while, but my hands haven't been entirely idle!! I've rediscovered the art of knitting. It all started when I made a few baby items for friends who were expecting this year. I then took a trip to a local wool shop and was bitten by the bug. I was amazed at the different types of yarns that are now available, my new stash is growing rapidly and I've taken quite a liking to socks!! I already have a few requests for Christmas presents. I try to do my knitting in the evenings now rather than letting it encroach on my jewellery making time.

My very first pair of socks! They are sooooooo comfortable.

My Shrug - this won me a years free subscription to a knitting magazine!


The baby cardigan that started it all!!


Nia said...

Best of luck for the weekend Alison! (See, if you were out here with me, you wouldn't get to take part, now would you???). But as a proud owner - and wearer - of wisteria earrings, I'm sure things will go well for you, and for Kerrie too.
Still love those socks though, they are great!

Alison said...

Thanks, Nia xx Socks are fab aren't they, think I should've put them on this evening, it's decidely chilly here tonight!

Coburg Crafts said...

Good luck with the event, Alison. I'm sure you and Kerrie will have a great time.
Loving the socks too.

Anonymous said...

You've been a busy lady haven't you! Love the 2 in 1 and the baby blanket!

Ali P said...

Hi Alison,
How exciting - sounds like you guys are in for a fun Sunday ;) I look forward to hearing how it all goes.

Ali P said...

Hi Alison,
How exciting - sounds like you guys are in for a fun Sunday ;) I look forward to hearing how it all goes.

Mary said...

Good Luck Alison! I hope it goes well for you and kerrie! Lovely pieces!

I think your mojo went out for a latte with mine. Tell them to come back, all is forgiven!

Tilly said...

Yay, fab socks Alison! Are you a sock knitting addict yet? Best wishes for the weekend - shame I'm so far away, I'd have liked to pop in. Oh and I'm 'tagging' you. Hope you'll join in, but please don't feel obligated!

Kerrie Slade said...

Ah ha - the blog entry that went under my radar! Fab pics as usual matey - and a shrug eh? You kept that quiet, I rather fancy one of those ;0) ;0)

Kerrie x

Kiamyka said...

Hiya Alison some lovely pieces there - I adore the socks ! I think my widget must have been acting up because I have missed quite a number of new posts so I am busy catching up
xx Chris
ps I am now failing with the letters u have to add to make th post lol 3rd time lucky here
Make that 4th!!!

Crafted Gems said...

hiya hun, i've tagged you