Monday, 16 June 2008

My First Award!

I've been given an award!! Yeah, my very first blog award which I received from my very dear friend Kerrie, thank you matey, you made my day. I would therefore like to make the day of 5 fellow bloggers:

1. The first goes to my mate, Caroline of Crafted Gems. Caroline is the reason for my lampwork bead obsession - I have a fair few of her beautiful and exquisite lampwork beads. Where would I be without, Caroline. I have to thank her for supporting me, pushing me and for egging me along when I need it and for making me bankrupt lol.

2. The second goes to Nia of Gemwaithnia, my long lost twin (we kind of resemble each other!). I absolutely adore Nia's jewellery. She is so talented and it is a joy to feast your eyes on her creations - she's a lovely lady to boot!!

3. Next comes, Lesley of Coburg Crafts. Another very talented jewellery designer. I was lucky enough to meet up with Lesley, in real life, a few months ago and she was just as I imagined her and we got on like a house on fire.

4. Coming up next is Anne of Chloe's Designs. An extremely talented young lady. Anne makes amazing jewellery from fused glass and I'm lucky enough to own one of her dichroic bangles (see earlier blog). We met up a few months ago at a craft fair and we chatted and chatted for ages.

5. Finally, the last but by no means least is Maz of Amari Jewellery. Maz designs and makes the most gorgeous wirework jewellery. Her work is so neat and precise and her use of semi-precious stones is inspiring.
I hope you take a moment to visit the blogs mentioned above and the others that are listed in my list of friends - there is a wealth of talent and expertise.


Nia said...

Awwwwww thank you Alison, that's so sweet of you! I just hope you aren't a fellow hayfever sufferer like me or the resemblance would be very spooky indeed!

Alison said...

It's a pleasure, Nia. Spooky it is cos I do suffer from hayfever too, but don't think as bad as you! Bless ya!

Chloe's Designs said...

Helloo : - ) How cool .. thank you so much.. that's just ace : - ))
That's made my day. I'd woken up with a terrible headache, but that's just put a smile on my face. Thank you. I so love your Blue tit photos too. That must have been a real pleasure to watch.

Kerrie said...

Another perfect blog mix - birds, beads and FOOD!

Great choice of award recipients Alison, isn't it nice to be able to spread a bit of beauty, love and joy :)

Kerrie x

Hedgelands Glass Lass said...

Wonderful choices! I wonder - is it ok to give this award more than once!

Alison said...

Anne - you're welcome. I meant every word I said and if I can help you along the way to being recognised a little bit more, then I'm happy.

Thanks, Kerrie, I agree it's such a nice feeling to make someone that teeniest bit happier.

Thanks, Michele - I'm not sure about the protocal with awards, if I did I'd have passed it on to more than 5 (how about my whole blog list lol).

Crafted Gems said...

oh thank you so much hun, it's really made my day

Maz Simpson said...

Aww.. thank you Alison, what a lovely surprise - that's made my day!! Maz :)